08 February 2014

OK! Another trip starts in only 6 days now! I gotta start packing soon, but I alredy made my list and will have to run around this weekend to get ready :-)

I’m trying to reduce the amount of computing equipment I bring, so this time I’m going to try taking along just my Surface RT + Touch Cover. Time to see if tablet-only can truly be the future! I just got a 32GB MicroSD for the internal card slot on this, and a USB SD Card reader so that I can offload/backup my camera pictures onto the tablet.

This post is typed using VIM running on my personal VPS (which powers most of patcavanaugh.info except for this blog, which is hosted on GitHub pages). The plan is to use a Windows 8 SSH application to dial into the VPS and type my posts on here. I can upload my photos to the VPS using a webdav connection and Windows Explorer (getting WebDAV to work on my apache took hours, but I finally got it going). I’ll combine them all on here and then ship the updates off to GitHub. Let’s see how this works.

Just for fun here is a picture from my tablet, proving that this workflow should work.

Random picture from my house